How to Pick Tiles in Virginia?


Buying tiles is much more than picking a pattern or shade that would look good in your home. Every tile is special in some way or the other. Tiles from some manufacturers are sold with predestined purposes in mind. The intended use will be seen on the tile box or its label. And, the tile shop Virginia ensures it sells products that have a clear-cut purpose. When you understand this code, you will be able to buy a better tile for your project and even save some cash.

Here are few tips you should remember when you step into the tile shop Virginia.

The Good Ratings

First of all, verify if the tile comprises of good ratings. Most tiles are rated across a scale of five. If the tile is beautifully glazed, it would have a rating of five. On the other hand, if it is unglazed – the rating would be four. At all times, read through the tile box! This is when you would come across many critical information like water absorption quotient, tile grade, PEI rating, frost safety, tone and coefficient of friction. Now, some of these terms might sound too technical. However, the tile shop Virginia will help you understand everything that is essential.

The Great Grades

When it comes to grade, everyone dreams of the best and finest. Tiles are carefully graded from 1 to 3. Grade 1 tiles are identified as the best and are known for its expensive price tag. Grade 1 and 2 are meant for floors. Meanwhile, Grade 3 tiles are not heavy duty varieties, this makes walking on Grade 3 tiles difficult. Thus, Grade 3 tiles are meant to be used as wall decors. If you are visiting the tile shop Virginia for floor tiles, make sure you opt for Grade 1 or 2 varieties.

Account on PEI Rating

Secondly, be careful with the PEI rating. This is an important factor that determines the rate at which tiles wear away. PEI states if the tile would be capable of handling abrasion. Conversely, it judges if you can use it as floor tiles. Once again, the PEI rating ranges between one and six. Any tile with a rating of five or above is overkill for homes.

Your Thoughts!

Regardless of these critical factors, make sure you are happy with the tile surface. It is quite impressive to note that you can handpick tiles that have a smooth, matt or rough finish (each, with its own collection of benefits and looks).


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