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Tiling your world – with mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble and much more.

Ideal Tile is a well established name in the world of tiling, flooring and other home wear. Ideal Tile has its headquarters in Virginia and also happens to be the leading name in Tile Company Virginia. Ideal Tile also happens to supply mosaic Tiles, Porcelain tiles, and marble floor tiles all over the country.

Our job at Ideal Tile also entails tile fitting and installation, designing patterns and working with designers to come up with unique tiling concepts. We have a unique collection of everything from porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles and marble.

Mosaic tiles happen to be our specialty as we feel that they are the most exquisite out of all the tile ranges. Mosaic tiles have class, style and a certain old age charm. Ideal Tile is a specialist in and has been developing a wide range of mosaics tiles since years now. We make sure that each tile and design has a strong and distinctive design and great care is taken for the tile to be precisely engineered for project installation.

Ideal Tiles aim is to create and to push tiling and design concepts to its full potential. Depending on the specific project requirements of each individual client, our quality control ensures the standard and quality of tiles and service our clients are used to. Our mosaic tiles are available in various colors, cut-to-size shapes and surface finishing. Our mosaic tiles are made from Natural Limestone, Slate, Sandstone, Quartzite, Ceramic Tile, Mosaic Tile, Hand-painted Tiles, Pebbles, Granite & Marble Mosaic – Marmor-Mosaic and MOZETTi Glass Mosaic. We have a dedicated team exclusively for researching and sourcing the best tiles in the market.

Ideal Tile is proud to have under its belt some long-term & reliable business relationships with companies and consumers from all over the country. At Ideal Tile every project is treated with individual attention like it is our only project. For Ideal Tile, the ideal is to have a happy client remember us for our service and excellent product quality. As a result of years of dedicated hard work and grit we at Ideal Tile have earned the baton of being the best tile suppliers in the Virginia region and around. Ideal Tile is a name synonymous with quality Tile Store Virginia. Whether it is mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles or marble – our collection is guaranteed to flaw you. Please check out our website to see our complete listing of services and products.